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Rings with spherical stones – handmade jewelry design 122

Guide copper wire rings with spherical rocks – handcrafted precious jewelry design With straightforward actions and also easy devices you can do it on your own. Can be changed with silver wire or gold wire and gemstones for precious jewelry much more beneficial Or merely use low-cost material like copper cable to make presents for […]

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How to think like a jewelry designer: The Design Process

Hope you enjoyed this video: Just how to think like a jewelry designer: The Design Process. =================================. Regarding Ioana Avram + FASHION TEACHING ONLINE CLASSES see below:. For clickable links, see pdf named:ABOUT IOANA AVRAM_FASHION TEACHING ONLINE CLASSES_ DRAWING CLASSESin the files section of the group here: Posted by Ioana Avram on Sunday, April 24, 2016 […]

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copper mini shoe pendant – Cinderella shoe – wire wrap jewelry design 5

copper mini footwear necklace – Cinderella shoe – cord wrap fashion jewelry style I’m not educated, I just comply with reaction, I function according to personal choices like a means of enjoyment. I’m trying to discover on a daily basis to be able do even more advice in the future. I likewise wish to motivate […]

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