5 Most Famous Cartier Jewelry Designs

5 Most Famous Cartier Jewelry Styles

Maria Félix’s Crocodile Necklace
She was also a high-fashion fan her wardrobe is composed of custom items by Givenchy, Balenciaga and also Chanel– and also a great precious jewelry collector. Her vast collection of gems comprised personalized Cartier items and also the 41.37 carat weight Ashoka diamond which as soon as had by Harry Winston.

Marjorie Merriweather Post’s Art Deco Necklace
Marjorie was born in 1887, Marjorie was a famous Washington DC socialite as well as the head of Postum Cereal Co. Merriweather had an exceptionally upper course lifestyle with residences in Palm Beach and also the Adirondacks, the biggest privately own sea-going yacht on the planet, and also a remarkable fine precious jewelry collection which consist of the a pretty tiara Napoleon I provided to his 2nd partner and also a pair of diamond earrings as soon as had by Marie Antoinette. Merriweather was additionally a faithful customer of Cartier and bonded with Pierre Cartier over their shared love of Russian imperial art.

Hutton-Mdivani Jadeite Necklace
This necklace belonged to Barbara Hutton (1912-1979). At the height of her star, she was worth an estimated $1 billion in today’s bucks, yet, by the time of her death, Hutton’s loan and her wealth had actually dried up and also she was bankrupt. To cover her debts before her fatality, Hutton sold a lot of her jewelry collection, yet a few items have come up again for public auction, including this jadeite locket.

Daisy Fellowes’s Tutti Frutti Collier Hindou Necklace
Cartier was bought by the Queen Alexandra to design an Indian-inspired locket to match an Indian dress provided to her by Mary Curzon, the better half of the Viceroy of India, In1901. Hereafter as well as a journey to India in 1911, Jacques Cartier started integrating Indian stones into his French Art Deco jewelry and settings. Eventually Cartier first introduced a collection of bracelets and brooches that were made with gemstones cut to look like blossoms, fallen leaves as well as berries. This collection would certainly later on be named the Tutti Frutti Collection in the 1970s.

Grace Kelly Engagement Ring
When he proposed to actress, Prince Rainer III of Monaco presented Grace Kelly with a ruby and emerald interaction ring. Nonetheless Kelly updated the ring to a much more en vogue diamond engagement ring: a massive 10.47 carat weight emerald-cut diamond by Cartier. To provide the currently spectacular ring even much more excellent, Cartier had the center stone flanked by 2 baguette rubies.

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